Auto Detailing Packages

Add-On Services

Get the most out of your detail by adding one or more of these enhanced service offerings to your job. These services may be added a la carte to our core detailing packages.

Interior Add-Ons:

  • Shampoo Service- Car: $100 Truck/SUV: $125 (add $40 for third row seating)
  • Headliner Cleaning- Car: $80 Truck/SUV: $100
  • Odor Bomb- Car/Truck/SUV: $40
  • Interior Ceramic Protection- Car: $150 Truck/SUV: $200
  • Pet Hair Removal- Car: $50 Truck/SUV: $75

Exterior Add-Ons:

  • 1-2 Year Ceramic Coating Upgrade- Car:$250 Truck/SUV: $300
  • Claybar Treatment + 1-Step Paint Polishing- Car: $180 Truck/SUV: $280
  • 2-Step Paint Correction- Pricing starts at $400 for all vehicles. (Final price will depend upon the vehicle type and size as well as the condition of the paint)
  • Black Trim Restoration- Car: $80 Truck/SUV: $100
  • Engine Bay Detailing- Car/Truck/SUV: $60

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