Exterior Detail Packages

Quick Exterior Detail (Good):

Give your vehicle a full cleaning without breaking the bank. This service is a great compliment to our full interior detail packages and is an economical way to "complete" your vehicle's detail. NOTE: This service is only offered as an "Add-On" to our Essential and Opulent Interior Detail packages.

Package Includes:

1) Hand Wash
2) Wheel/Tire Wash
3) Hand Dry
4) Tire Dressing

*NOTE: This package may only be booked in conjunction with and “Essential” or “Opulent” level Exterior Detail. This is not considered to be a "deep cleaning" service and thus we are unable to offer this option on vehicles with exceptionally soiled interiors.

Pricing Per Vehicle Size:

Coupe (2 door): $69 Sedan
(4 door): $79
Truck/Van/SUV: $89

Essential Exterior Detail (Better):

This package is a major upgrade from your standard car-wash (which may actually be damaging your paint). We start with a pre-treatment spray to remove stubborn bugs and tar, followed by a safe and gentle hand wash. This is followed by a hand dry, wax, and tire detail that will keep your ride looking amazing on a budget!

Package includes:

1) Pre-treatment spray to remove bugs, tar, etc.
2) Hand wash
3) Wheel/Tire Detail
4) Clean Exterior Glass
5) Wipe out door/trunk jambs
6) Hand dry
7) Spray wax (lasts 2-4 weeks)
8) Tire Dressing

Pricing Per Vehicle Size:

Coupe (2 door): $140
Sedan (4 door): $190
Truck/Van/SUV: $230 

Opulent Exterior Detail (Best):

Our "full service" exterior detail package. We pull out all the stops with this one. We start with a pre-spray and foam bath to remove stubborn bug spots and tar. We follow this up with a safe and gentle hand wash, then deep clean your ride's paint with a clay bar and iron decontamination treatment that really smooths out your paint's appearance. We finish with a protective nano-coating to bring out that shine, tire/wheel detail and dressing as well as cleaning and polishing the exterior glass and mirrors leaving you and your ride looking just as good as the day you bought it!

Package Includes:

1) Pre-treat spray for bugs, tar, etc.
2) Foam Bath (Pre-wash)
3) Hand Wash
4) Clay Bar Treatment (entire vehicle)
5) Iron Decontamination
6) Door/Trunk Jamb Detail
7) Clean/Polish Exterior Glass
8) Wheel/Tire Detail
9) Hand Dry
10) Tire Dressing
11) Protective coating (lasts 2-3 months. Adds gloss and shine)

Pricing Per Vehicle Size:

Coupe (2 door): $220
Sedan (4 door): $280
Truck/Van/SUV: $340